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Leaf Guard and Gutter Protection System: Leaf X!
Home Innovations of Shreveport, Louisiana offers a Leaf X Lifetime NO-CLOG GUARANTEE. LeafX is guaranteed to to work for life. Compare this guarantee to that of any other system.
Gutter guard gutter protection system from Leaf X will help prevent autumn leaves from clogging your gutters. Gutter guards are a great home improvement idea and one you should consider unless you enjoy cleaning clogged gutters and downspouts every year. Leaf X’s patented gutter guard gutter protection system helps carry leaves off the roof during rainfall, allowing rain to enter the gutters but preventing leaves from entering the gutters. The leaves slide off the patented gutter guard or gutter cover and fall to the ground below keeping your gutters free of leaves, needles, debris and the like. That means no more clogged gutters to clean.
Gutter guards, also called gutter covers, gutter helmets, gutter topper, gutter protection and leaf guards in the industry, are installed directly over your existing gutters so there is no need to invest more time, money or energy in a gutter guard gutter protection system than necessary. This saves you money.Leaf X gutter guard gutter protection systems can be installed by an experienced installer from Home Innovations. Installation takes, on average, about 2 hours to install 150 linear feet of gutter covers. That’s approximately enough gutter cover for an average ranch-style home.Leaf X gutter covers gutter protection system can be installed by attaching the gutter guards to the roof under the shingles or, if you have roofing material other than shingles, by attaching the gutter covers to the fascia of the house.
Why are Leaf X’s patented gutter guards the best home improvement money can buy?
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